Our Partners

We are proud to work with these partners:

Dreamel Moving & Mind

Since my first introduction into what is called Bartenieff Fundamentals, I have been thrilled and fascinated by the healing qualities and the richness of this movement system. Based on the principle of ‘Total Body Connectivity’, these Bartenieff Fundamentals provide a way to learn how to move in an easier, healthier and more expressive way.

Irmgard Bartenieff (1900-1981) was a dancer and choreographer who later became a physiotherapist. She was a true pioneer in the field of Dance Movement Therapy and founder of the American Dance Therapy Association.

As a former student of Rudolph von Laban, she introduced his work in the US. She thoroughly enriched his theoretical framework by applying his concepts of three-dimensional movement (such as Effort, Space, Action and Phrasing) to the human body itself. Bartenieff discovered that six basic movement patterns are fundamental in our development towards adulthood.

By revisiting these developmentals Movement Patterns we can ‘repattern’ our neuromuscular system. This relieves tensions and blockages and gives us the opportunity to let go of patterns that are no longer suitable. We can literally, physically create new patterns to deal with ourselves, others and the world around us.

Like Laban and Bartenieff, I have come to believe that movement is at the basis of all human activity. In my classes, I mix movement, dance expression and playfulness with mindfulness. Within safe and respectful boundaries I try to provide opportunities to slow down, relax and enjoy ‘Mindful Moving’, thus encouraging more body awareness. My motto is: ‘Move your Body, Calm your Mind’.

Pauline Memelink, founder and body-mind teacher of Dreamel Moving & Mind.

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Saucha (शौच in Sanskrit) literally translates as ‘purity & cleanliness’ and it covers the cleanliness of body, external environment as well as the inner mind and speech.

We hand craft all natural vegan soaps that make you feel clean and cared for. Guided by yoga philosophy, we are committed to producing natural and environmentally sustainable skincare products of the highest quality.

Inspired by the yoga life experiences of founder Theresa Keen, all of our products are grown from care, for you, for others and the planet. We aim to leave you feeling nurtured, body, mind and soul.

As part of our desire to give back, a portion of sales will benefit Yoga Stops Traffick and Breast Cancer Haven, both causes close to our heart.

  • Handmade in small batches in London
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Clean ingredients, no artificial colours, fragrances, dyes or synthetics
  • Clean conscience (we use sustainable ingredients, good for the environment, good for you)
  • Clean mind (we are guided by the philosophy of Saucha, the yogic observance of cleanliness of mind, body, practice and action.

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Ume Collection

Ume are London-based creators who design products to inspire your daily rituals. Their premium grade natural incense sticks, handmade incense burners & pure botanical atmosphere mists all follow the way of nature. Using only the finest aromatic plant components to produce their fragrances and the refined Japanese inspired stoneware clays to hand-make minimalist incense burners.

UME was created by Emma Leafe after several influential journeys – exploring temples and sacred places across the globe. Drawn toward the sacred arts in each place, she was captivated by the evocative aromas that perfumed these explorations, she began to experience first-hand how fragrance was key in unlocking doors in the mind. From this she discovered the lost art of incense making and began to explore the deeper rituals that surround it.

The raw ingredients of our traditional solid stick incense consist of precious medicinal plants, herbs, spices, aromatic tree barks, seeds and saps

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Superior Rooms

Every room is ensuite with a balcony or terrace with views down the valley to the sea.

Each room is individually furnished and has a desk, ample cupboard space, a separate bathroom, air-conditioning and heating.

Single, double and triple accommodation is offered.

Deluxe Rooms

Every room is ensuite with either a balcony or terrace with views to the tropical gardens.

Each room is individually furnished and has a desk, ample cupboard space, a separate bathroom, air-conditioning and heating.

Single, double and triple accommodation is offered

The Suites

Enjoy the benefits of a private courtyard or terrace, separate sitting-room and open fireplace.

​The luxury suites are decorated to the highest standard of Tigmi style.

Features of the unique Suites:

  • Open fireplace in either bedroom or separate sitting room
  • Individually controlled air conditioning
  • Luxurious essential shampoo and body products
  • In room safe
  • Extra Beds available on request (possible surcharge)
  • Twin beds available on request
  • Complimentary mint tea on a arrival
  • Complimentary water in room
  • Daily turn down service
  • Hair dryer

The Berber Rooms

Intimate and quirky in their design, they are decorated with locally woven cushions, covers and wall hangings, and stocked with specially made bath, shower and body products.

Located in both the old and new areas of the venue, these Rooms feature handcrafted Berber furnishings over flock wallpaper.

Features of the Berber Rooms:

  • Open Fireplace in either bedroom or separate sitting room
  • Luxurious essential shampoo and body products
  • Complimentary mint tea on arrival
  • Complimentary bottle of water in room
  • Daily turn down service
  • In room safe
  • Hair dryer